Embracing the eBike: My Cycling Journey in Victoria


Cycling has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My very first bike was a Supercycle, complete with a coaster brake and training wheels that made sure I didn’t topple over. The sound of rubber on the pavement and the wind rushing past my ears as I rode faster and faster became a familiar comfort. By my teenage years, I had moved onto competitive road cycling and the thrilling trails of mountain biking. The excitement, challenge, and the sheer joy of riding became a passion.

As the years rolled on, my commitment to cycling remained undiminished. Now at 51, with a collection of four distinct bikes in my arsenal, they’ve become my primary mode of transport around the charming streets of Victoria, BC. Whether it’s to the local grocery store, a cafe meet-up, or even to work, I’ve always believed in the beauty of pedaling my way through.

eBike: The Modern Era of Cycling

However, as the city grew and evolved, so did my needs. There was a buzz about a new form of transportation – the eBike. Admittedly, I was skeptical. An electric bike? It felt like a departure from the traditional cycling experience I cherished. Yet, there was no denying the allure of speed and power-assisted cycling, especially for daily commutes. Still, I remained hesitant.

That was until I took one for a test ride. The moment I hopped on and pedaled, it was like a revelation. It felt just like a conventional bike but with an added boost. Hills that once demanded strenuous effort were conquered with ease, and longer distances became effortlessly achievable. This wasn’t just cycling; this was cycling on rocket fuel!

CUBE Kathmandu Pro: A New Dawn

After much research and deliberation, my heart settled on the CUBE Kathmandu Pro, fitted with a powerful Bosch CX motor and a robust 625 Wh battery. CiteCycles in Victoria came highly recommended, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The buying experience was seamless, with the staff knowledgeable and genuinely passionate about helping people discover the magic of electric bike victoria.

From the picturesque Inner Harbour to the historic streets of Fernwood, my CUBE Kathmandu Pro has been an absolute delight. It’s as if the whole city of Victoria has opened up to me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Whether I’m zipping down the Galloping Goose Trail or conquering the hills of Oak Bay, the feeling of power and freedom is unparalleled. And though I cherish the memories with my first Supercycle, there’s no denying that this new chapter with my eBike has added a thrilling twist to my cycling saga.

Every ride feels like an adventure waiting to be discovered, and with my trusty eBike, I know I’m ready for whatever Victoria has in store for me.

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